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MIPOW VoxTube 700 (BTV700)
MIPOW VoxTube 700 (BTV700)
MIPOW VoxTube 700 (BTV700) Colorful Appearance
Colorful Appearance
5 vivid colors make you love it easy.
MIPOW VoxTube 700 (BTV700)
Transparent & black Silicon Earbud
It is compatible with visual beauty and comfort.
MIPOW VoxTube 700 (BTV700)
Anodized Aluminum Finishing
Wearproof material, anodized aluminum finishing workmanship and cuboid headset design make it different with others.
MIPOW VoxTube 700 (BTV700)
Thinner & Lighter
MIPOW VoxTube 700 (BTV700)
Slitting Indicator Design
This Innovative LED Indicator is visible from 180 degrees view angle.
MIPOW VoxTube 700 (BTV700)
Simply Plug & Charge
The unique design of built-in USB female charging jack on the tail of VOX 700 allows simply plug to any USB powered device to charge it.
MIPOW VoxTube 700 (BTV700)
Connecting Both
It supports to connect two mobile phones at the same time.
MIPOW VoxTube 700 (BTV700)
Long Effective Range
Our powerful antenna performance covers a wide range connection.
MIPOW VoxTube 700 (BTV700) Smart Indication
Smart Indication
Display your Vox Tube 700 headset's battery capacity on the screen as long as it connects to iOS devices.
MIPOW VoxTube 700 (BTV700)
Support Voice Assistant Function
Deliver voice commands to your smart phone’s voice assistant function to dial or send message.
MIPOW VoxTube 700
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