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MIPOW Power Cube 5200M - Orange



MIPOW Power Cube™ 5200M is a unique, compact and luxury, all-in-one portable charger with built-in battery specially designed for Micro USB powered devices, including but not limited to Samsung, Android, RIM/ Blackberry and Windows phones.

The press-to-release Micro USB connector & male USB input cable is ready to charge your device as well as recharge the power cube. There is also a built-in female USB port to ensure its charging to most of mobiles via its original charging cable, including iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5 and iPad mini. It can also be used to charge a second Micro USB device via the female USB output. With the maximum 2.1A output, it can support charging to two devices at the same time.

A simple press on the on/off button is designed to activate and stop charging and designed for minimal self-discharging purpose (energy-saving).

MAC style indicator is ready by a simple press to tell you how much battery is left inside the power cube by 4 different dots and the same indicators can be used to tell the re-charging status when power cube is connected to a powered USB equipment.

A custom-fit elastic pouch is designed to protect the luxury finishing from scratching.