Smart Home Audio and Lighting Kit


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PLAYBULB studio includes 1 piece PLAYBULB color, 1 piece PLAYBULB candle and 1 piece PLAYBULB rainbow.


  • COLOR CHANGING : Up to 16 million colors and 5 color effects to be chosen via PLAYBULB X APP. You can also shake phone to change color or add new picture into APP and let the light bulb display the picture colors.
  • MUSIC PLAY : PLAYBULB color with advanced Bluetooth speaker can play your phone music, broadcast, movie etc.
  • AIR FLOW SENSOR : PLAYBULB candle with embedded airflow sensor, which enable you blow it off or on as same as a real candle.
  • GROUP CONTROL: Group control all these PLAYBULB via one APP and phone, make them display same colors or light effects.
  • TIMER SETTING : Set a timer to turn its music and color ON / OFF at preset time. eg. create Wake-up mode or Sleep mode to let your favorite color and music wake you up or put you to sleep.

The studio kit shares the same free PLAYBULB X APP. This user-friendly app lets you control brightness, color changing, grouping of multiple PLAYBULB and 5 special lighting effects. These energy efficient light bulbs and LED candle brings color to your life with millions of colors and shades of white light. You can also program the light on and off settings through the App. The PLAYBULB color and PLAYBULB rainbow fit any E26 / E27 (standard) light socket.

While PLAYBULB color is the only light bulb with wireless Bluetooth speaker, which able to play music, broadcast. PLAYBULB candle with airflow sensor support blowing off or on. When you put it upside down, a creative candle holder you will find.  

Download App

Download the free PLAYBULB X app from the App Store or Google Play and install PLAYBULB X app on your device. 

Playbulb X app on the App Store  Playbulb X app on Google Play