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VoxTube 500 Bluetooth Headset - Silver

VoxTube 500 is an award winning Bluetooth V4.0 low energy compliant mono Bluetooth headset, it comes in a unique tubular shape and is made with anodized aluminium-alloy.

The VoxTube 500 supports pairing to two devices at the same time, and supports voice prompt and dialing. The two-mics noise cancelling feature ensures a smooth and clear phone conversation.

The one-key control design brings users uttermost convenience for Bluetooth pairing, call making and call answering.

Built-in battery supports up to 6 hours talk-time, 10 days stand-by time. The empowered antenna enables 10 m talk range.

With different sizes of ear-buds that you can select the one most fit for you.

The VoxTube 500 only measures 54.5 (L) x 22.5(W) x 9.0 (¢)mm and only weights 6g, is really compact and light weight.